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The BroomTrunk is a patent pending broom protector that fits ALL standard sized brooms.  You may have never noticed until now that your furniture and cabinets are being damaged by your broom when used.   Well NOT anymore, your furniture will now be protected by the BroomTrunk.  Since the BroomTrunk will cover the broom pole and cover the hard plastic from your broom, you can now sweep without worrying about the dings and scratches.


The BroomTrunk is machine washable with cold water and can be air dryed.  (Broom not included)


Made in the USA

What is the BroomTrunk?

“I never realized how badly my furniture was being damaged by my broom.  Now, the Broom Trunk is protecting my brand new kitchen cabinets."


Hailey, Los Angeles, CA

Our BroomTrunk will fit ALL standard brooms

This broom is wearing a BroomTrunk

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"I just received my order and I'm thrilled with the ease of putting the Broom Trunk on my broom.  It fit perfectly."


Gail, Naples, FL

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