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Companies and individuals who support us:

Cosco Industries for their generous window markers donation. for donating postage and shipping supplies


Law offices of Michael Rubinstein, Esq. Personal Injury Attorney, Beverly Hills, CA 213-293-6075


Del Rey Customs in Marina Del Rey, CA


Ari Friedman, Law Offices Mr. Friedman has successfully and diligently  handled many accidents involving misuse of cell phones and other auto accidents.



Larchmont Chronicle


CBS2 News


KCal9 News


CE Outlook   Tracking the car audio, video & electronics market


Mommy Blog Expert 

Enhancing Family Living at Every stage of Life for Moms, Dads, Kids, Extended Family & Pets - Howard Drescher

Thank you for supporting our campaign.

Please contact us for sponsorship opportunities.  We need you!

Have you been injured by a texting driver?

If the unfortunate circumstance arises when you, your friend or family becomes a victim, please call the Law offices of Ari Friedman at 323-596-1234

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