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Please join us! We have over 500 drivers participating worldwide.

We have created an inexpensive and effective way to get the message out there by writing "If you can read this, I thank you for NOT texting and driving." or a shorter personalized message like "Don't text, just drive" with window paint markers on your rear car/truck windows to remind other drivers to not text and drive.



Our Campaign

Our goal is to have cars all over become mobile billboard reminders to not text when driving.  All it takes is one car and one driver to make a HUGE difference.  We are already sending out markers (donated to us) to people all over the US for FREE. At the moment, we are paying for the shipping of all the markers, so the cost is adding up, but the cause is getting such positive feedback that we have to keep going.  We have over 500 cars driving with this message the US and abroad.

We are in need of donations to order car magnets and bumper stickers for drivers to use as reminders to the people driving behind them.

Although, this isn't a traditional solution, this isn't a traditional problem either.  We are up against smart people of all ages who text and our gentle reminder messages will remind them to put their phone down.

To request your FREE marker

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